SPRINGFIELD LIONS CLUB is a service club, with the goal of assisting the community and the less fortunate, primarily the hearing and sight impaired. Our motto is “We Serve”. The Club began with 36 charter members in 1948 and now has 82 members.

The SPRINGFIELD LIONS CLUB is chartered by Lions Clubs International which is headquartered in Oak Brook, IL and has assisted the blind and deaf since 1917. Lions International is the largest service club in the world, having 1.4 million members in almost every country in the world.

Springfield Lions Club activities include:

  1. Sponsor Springfield’s July 4th Celebration
  2. Sponsor the Adult School
  3. Used Eye glass collection
  4. Support and sponsor individuals to Lions Camp Kirby – a summer camp for the hearing impaired
  5. Support and sponsor individuals to Lions Beacon Lodge – a summer camp for the visually impaired
  6. Supports the Lions Leader Dog Program
  7. Provide eye examinations and eyeglasses for the needy
  8. Recognition for outstanding Springfield students
  9. Support eye research.


James Cavallaro  President

Kathleen Lawless 1st Vice President

Robert Tiffany 2nd Vice President

David Krauter 3rd Vice President

Frank Udicious Secretary

Edmund Rocco Assistant Secretary

William Lavery Treasurer

Kurt Shaefer Assistant Treasurer

Frank Udicious Lion Tamer

Alex Massey Tail Twister

Directors: Kurt Shaefer, Richard Patterson, Fred Huenerfauth, Marie Pitner, Tom Citro, Gerald McCabe, John Kulp, Roy Singley







February 2nd   BOARD MEETING @ ST MATTHEW CHURCH 6:30 pm

We will be participating in fundraiser at Bertucci’s Restaurant








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Contact Us

All correspondence to the Springfield Lions should be addressed to

Springfield Lions Club
P.O. Box 220
Springfield, PA 19064

You can also contact us by EMail by CLICKING HERE

Adult School

Since 1952 the Springfield Lions Club has sponsored an Adult School at the Springfield High School.  The first adult school had only a few courses: sewing, typing, woodworking, metalworking, art, bridge, practical mathematics, and public speaking.  A total of 136 adults registered for the first classes.  A Summer Camp Program for students from 1st through 12th grade is held at each of the public schools.  A Fall Camp Program was begun in 1996 and includes classes for kindergarten children.  The Springfield Lions Club is unique in that no other service club is connected with their local school district in sponsoring Adult School and Camp Programs.  The Adult School now has 35 to 40 courses and an enrollment of over 600 students.

The Adult School provides numerous courses for adults, or anyone, interested in learning about special topics as computers, dancing, etc. Instructors are selected by the Springfield School District and the classes are given at either the High School on Leamy Ave. or the Middle School on Woodland Ave.  To be offered at the Winter 2011 Session:

American Sign Language – for more information contact Deaf Hearing Communication Center, www.dhcc.org, or email the Lions Club at springfieldlionsclub@verizon.net

Yoga – Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 PM at the HW LMC

Strong Women Program – Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 PM at ET Richardson LMC

For more information, please contact us through this web site or contact the Springfield School District.

Eye Glasses Collection

       Used eye glasses are collected to help the needy.

Eyeglass recycling is one of the Lions’ most popular activities. Although the program was officially adopted by the association in 1994, Lions have been collecting glasses for more than 80 years.

Refractive errors can be easily corrected with eyeglasses, yet millions in developing nations lack access to basic eye care services. Lions have recognized the urgent need for corrective lenses and continue to lend their support to the Lions Recycle for Sight Program.

If you should have used eyeglasses and hearing aids and would like to donate them, they can be dropped off at the following locations:

 Collection points are:

  •          The yellow and blue painted mail box with the Lions’ emblem on Saxer Ave (across from PNC Bank)

  •          Pilgrim Gardens Shopping Center at Marchese Opticians

  •          Southwest Cleaners on Woodland Ave.

  •          Springfield Library.

Used eye glasses can also be brought to the Lions-sponsored concert at the Rose Tree Summer Festival in the summer.